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Coffered Ceilings

coffered ceilings


A Fundamental Change in How Custom Coffered Ceilings are Designed, Fabricated, and Installed.

Coffered Ceilings are a strong, beautiful, and versatile design element found in high-end interiors throughout the world. Unfortunately, their distinctive look has always required experienced artisans to spend countless hours onsite designing, measuring, and constructing the grid of intersecting box beams one piece at a time.

These outdated fabrication methods have hindered the popularity of coffered ceilings and limited them to specialty installations…until now!

The Tilton Box Beam Coffered Ceiling System is a patented product that solves these age-old problems. It combines the best features of a custom design with the efficiency and precision of a modern production facility resulting in a superior fit and finish with installation times that are dramatically reduced versus conventional methods.

coffered ceilings      coffered ceilings

The system is based on individual coffer modules, which are combined to create the complete box beam coffered ceiling assembly. Each coffer module is a unique piece of a custom millwork and each one is carefully milled and assembled to fit your ceiling perfectly. There are no standard or stock sizes with the Tilton Box Beam Coffered Ceiling System.

Eliminates the Inconsistencies of the Existing Ceiling Surface
The Tilton Box Beam Coffered Ceiling System eliminates all of the installation issues related to inconsistencies in the existing ceiling surface such as sloping, crowning, sagging, humps, waves or any combination of these. This proprietary design, with its integrated ceiling panel, allows for complete and independent final adjustment of each coffer module for a perfectly level and straight final finish each and every time.

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coffered ceilings      coffered ceilings

The integrated ceiling panel design of the Tilton Box Beam Coffered Ceiling System means you will benefit from complete coverage of the existing ceiling surface, but the panel also provides a versatile design element for further design customization.

The Following Ceiling Panel Styles are Available:

Classic Smooth Ceiling Panel – Timeless
A perfectly smooth ceiling surface inside of each coffer: a timeless look that pairs well with any style or décor.

Applied Molding Ceiling Panel –
Unlimited Possibilities
Detail molding opens up infinite design possibilities – anything from a simple square frame to more elaborate appliqués and embellishments.

Beadboard Ceiling Panel – Casual Detail
Bead board is a traditional choice: great for any application where you want added detail without frills or fuss.

Recessed Ceiling Panel – Understated Elegance
This option elevates the level of visual interest while still maintaining an understated elegance.

Raised Ceiling Panel –
Elegant Formality
Arguably the most elegant choice for any panel-type application, our raised ceiling panel option exudes a “wow factor” and is best for very formal applications.

Bespoke (Custom) Ceiling Panel Designs
Limited Only by Your Imagination
If you dream of a panel design that is not covered by these options, contact us for a custom quote.

coffered ceilings      coffered ceilings

Material Options to Suit Your Unique Style and Your Project Requirements
Since material selection is an integral part of your project’s overall look and feel, the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System can be manufactured in a variety of material types.

Choose from the Following Materials:

    • Primed MDF*
    • Pine
    • Red Oak
    • Maple
    • Cherry
    • Mahogany
    • Walnut
    • Azek (for exterior applications)

*Certified Green, Fire Retardant, and Moisture Resistant MDF are also available. Contact us for a custom quote.

Combine Materials
Material types may also be combined to create unique contrasts. For example, primed beams and crown molding may be paired with Mahogany ceiling panels or Cherry beams and crown molding paired with primed ceiling panels.

Custom & Exotic Materials
If your project requires a particular material type or wood species not listed above, please contact us for availability and a customized quote.

coffered ceilings      coffered ceilings

Now to Include a World-Class Custom Coffered Ceiling in Your Home, All You Need to Do Is:

1. Measure your ceiling and submit the dimensions to us along with your preferred options using our Coffered Ceiling Quote Form

2. Receive a quote for your Tilton Coffered Ceiling System by phone or email and review.

3. Finalize your ceiling system details and approve your customized design for production.

4. Receive delivery of your Tilton Coffered Ceiling System shipment at your project location.

5A. Install your new coffered ceiling yourself in 25% of the time versus conventionally installed coffered ceilings.

5B. Have your new coffered ceiling installed for you by Fanatic Finish or by a certified Tilton installer (not available in all areas)

6. Finish your new coffered ceiling in either paint or wood stain.

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For more complete and comprehensive information about the patented Tilton Coffered Ceiling System please visit our dedicated coffered ceiling website at:


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