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Columns and Pilasters

Columns and Pilasters

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With Fanatic Finish enhancing your home’s interior with custom Columns and Pilasters has never been easier!  We’ll help you ‘Get the Details Done Right’ in your home with Columns and/or Pilasters that are custom made just for you.  Columns and Pilasters offer a relatively simple way to enhance the architectural substance in your home.


Originally designed in the late 1500’s by the renowned Renaissance architect Vignola, Columns were made exclusively with stone and used as the main support for many buildings. Today, Columns are manufactured in a variety of materials and in addition to being structural, are often used as a decorative enhancement.


A close cousin to the column, a Pilaster is a non-structural, flat, square edged column that attaches to the wall. Just like columns, Pilasters are comprised of a base, a shaft and a capital, but by rule of thumb Pilasters do not protrude more than a third of their width from the wall giving the effect that they are actually columns that have been embedded in the wall.

Fanatic Finish can work with you to determine the right size and style of Columns and Pilasters for your project. We can fabricate and install custom Columns and Pilasters that will give your home the feel you’re looking for while increasing its value and aesthetic appeal.

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