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Paneled Wainscoting

wainscoting panels


Fanatic Finish can ‘Help You Get the Details Done Right’ in your home with an authentic Wainscoting Panels wall treatment. Wainscoting Panels offer a level of elegance exceeding most other architectural details and can immediately elevate the level of elegance and ‘wow’ factor in your home.

Authentic paneled wainscoting consists of a series of continuous frames which surround individual panels. While the frame is a consistent element throughout the numerous variations of wainscoting it’s the panel that designates the actual ‘type’ of wainscoting being referred to.

With our exclusive Wainscoting Panels system adding this time honored detail to your home has never been easier. Not to be confused with wainscoting ‘kits’ of loose parts, our traditional hand made, pre-assembly process ensures that your wainscoting is of the highest quality and authentic detail.

Once your custom wainscot panel sections are completed they’re delivered to your home fully assembled for an extremely efficient installation process that we can complete for you or which you or your existing contractor can complete on your own.




Let’s face it, no one enjoys the process of having work done in their home or the disruption and mess it can cause, but with our proven pre-assembly process we’ve eliminated the messiest part of the job while dramatically reducing the installation time needed on site. This means you’ll be enjoying your newly transformed spaces sooner and without major disruption to you and your family.

1. Obtain a Quote for Your Wainscot Project
Using our Paneled Wainscoting Quote Form you can submit the necessary project details to us. Once your form is received we will review the information you have provided and contact you with any additional questions or concerns we might have. We will then provide you with an approximate quote for your project. If you are comfortable with the quote provided the next step is to schedule an in-home consultation.

2. In-Home Consultation
We will schedule a day and time to meet with you at your home.  During this consultation we will perform a rough measuring of the project and review the various paneled wainscot design and layout options with you. We will also answer any and all questions and concerns you might have about your project.

3. Formal Proposal & Project Agreement
Using the information gathered during the consultation we will determine an exact guaranteed cost to complete your project and will prepare a formal proposal which we will forward to you for your review. The proposal also doubles as the your project agreement when you sign off on it and return it to us with your deposit.

4. Production Measuring
Once your project agreement and deposit are received we will schedule a day and time to return to your home to take precise production measurements for your new paneled wainscoting.  During the measuring process we will also review any special circumstances or design elements and how we plan to address these.

5. Preparation of Project Drawings
Using our production measurements we will prepare a set of 2D elevation drawings for your review prior to production and will make any necessary revisions to meet your approval. Your signature of approval on the drawings allows us to move forward with production.

6. Fabrication
Next we will place your project on our production schedule where your wainscoting will be fabricated to your specifications using the latest milling tools and equipment.  All of your wainscot panel sections are then fitted and pre-assembled by hand using a combination of traditional and modern joinery techniques to achieve the highest quality and a perfect fit.

7. Installation
Last, we’ll schedule delivery and installation of your new paneled wainscoting and return to your home with everything needed to complete the project.

Most Single Room Wainscoting Panels Can Be Completed in Just One Day!

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